Corona Jazz

Pieces made under the CoVid19 lockdown. ‘Jazz’ because it started as improvisation, making use of my stash of pre-felts and left-overs from other work.

The first piece, Brass in Pocket, used up the ‘tail ends’ of white and black rolled fibre which I made as part of the process for Embrasure, part of the Found in Translation series. The rolled fibres are like dreadlocks; the process of hand-rolling produces tapered end sections which are no use for the technique I had in mind. So they sat in a little heap and, as I usually do, I thought I would put them into a pre-felt with other stuff from my bits bag. It would get them out of the way and into a pre-felt which is easier to store and useful for future projects.

Then, as is so often the way, I decided I like the piece and wanted to see how it worked out. The title? I was listening to The Pretenders while working on it.