Who does she think she is?

This series of drawings refers to the small number of photographs I have of my family and childhood, as well as some of my early adult life. It explores my reaction to realising that the photographs I have barely intersect with my memories. It was as though they were documenting someone else’s life.

How could I have forgotten so much? How could there be no evidence of the key events in my family life? Why did I have so little information? With the passage of time, there is no longer anyone I can ask to fill in the gaps.

Yet everything that happened, whether I remember it or not, has shaped me. And even if I had photographs of other events, they are open to interpretation and re-examination. And to other people’s point of view, in particular the experience of my twin sister.

I don’t have to know everything to understand the impact of experience. The viewer doesn’t need to have everything drawn in detail to understand what an image might mean.

I carry within me the possibility of multiple narratives.

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