To the Sunlit Uplands, 2016

The book To The Sunlit Uplands, 2016, is a collection of sayings, largely invented by me, gathered together into a book of questionable advice about living, which deserved to be ignored.

After the book was printed and hand-bound, I made a video of me turning the pages. Then the book was wrapped in a wax-dipped cloth, sealing it closed. It can now only be read by watching this video. The book was then presented as part of an archive, set into a hand-made solander box, entitled Silence.

To the Sunlit Uplands, 2016: video, 2mins 55 secs; featuring a hand-bound book, stencilled and digitally-printed pages, bookcloth cover, drumleaf binding; 10.5cm x 15cm closed.

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