Just One Thing After Another

I like starting a piece of felt by using bits and bobs left from previous projects. It satisfies the ‘waste not, want not’ mentality I absorbed from my mother and grandmother. And it often reveals connections between aspects of my work which I wouldn’t otherwise have seen.

When I made these pieces we were in lockdown three (I think) and I was feeling that there was no clear path to returning to a more ‘normal’ life. Cases were coming down and then the so-called Kent variant emerged. Christmas 2020 was ‘cancelled’ at the last minute creating unnecessary confusion and distress. As an ordinary person, I had no control over any of this. All I could do was wait and see what happened.

It seemed like it was just one thing after another. But when I apply that to my working method, it doesn’t feel heavy or depressing. It’s just a recognition that we are always just putting one foot forward and then the next.