MA Drawing Interim Exhibition

A couple of times a year the MA Drawing students install an Interim Exhibition. It’s not part of any assessment so it is a chance to show new work and perhaps to try out something you aren’t sure about. You always learn something from installing work in a show, not just looking at it in your studio. And we learn from each other, seeing how work develops. Everyone’s interests are different but each person’s interests are usually consistent. So in some ways our work is recognisably ours but expressed in new ways.

Here are some photos of our Interim Exhibition installed for just a couple of days this week in the Centre for Drawing and the 26 Paces space at Wimbledon College of Arts. One interesting feature of the show was just how much drawing there was in it! You might think that was typical for the MA Drawing course, but it’s not always so. Another was the arrival of colour in several works, such as mine, Nic Clarke’s and Ruth Richmond’s which were shown together in the CfD.

work by Nic Clarke using Benesh dance notation to describe both ballet and ‘natural’ poses
a piece by Nic Clarke notating the same dance sequence in both Benesh notation (horizontal) and Laban notation (vertical)
a series of notes by Ruth Richmond using natural materials gathered on walks near her home
Work by Ruth Richmond
my work ‘Brightlingsea/Cambodia’: a pixelated drawing in graphite over acrylic photo transfers
my piece ‘Transitional Object No 1 The Boxed Set’: cubes made of glued layers of paper, with gilded outer surfaces and photo transfers on top and bottom surfaces, in a handmade silk-covered box

























At the other end of the CfD were works by Janine Hall, exploring her continued interest in shadows and networks, including a move into 3D wirework; a delicate drawing by Tina Liveras and a more provocative work by Anna Biesuz.

Janine Hall
Janine Hall
Janine Hall
Tina Liveras
Anna Biesuz















In 26 Paces were more drawings, illustrating a range of approaches to and outcomes from observational drawing; screen prints by Ali Christie using her experience in magazine art direction and design; and a video work by Charmaine Watkiss referencing her interest in cosmology.

Yifei Diao – a worn formula 1 tyre
Caroline Holt-Wilson – drawings on paper of damaged paper
Laura Wend – extending her detailed photographs of trees through mark making
Glynis Lamond – a mixed media approach including ink, tape and charcoal
Ali Christie
Ali Christie
Charmain Watkiss – a still from her video ‘Cat’s Cradle’

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